About Us

Sniffers ( OHM FOREX PVT LTD ) is a leading foreign exchange financial services company registered with the Reserve Bank of India offering a broad spectrum of services that include Buy/Sell Foreign Exchange , Receiving Inward remittances from abroad, Sending International remittances , Forex consultancy , Student Fee Transfer services , online international payments for visa and colleges and universities, Procuring Travel Cards and Travellers Cheques.

How we work?

Our working process has constantly been under evolution over the last 10 years to provide comfort to you at our best.

Since we understand there is so much you have to plan apart from just currency exchange.We aim at making the entire procedure as simple as possible for you. Here is the complete process listed for you to keep you informed about our working.


Get a Rate

Keeping all our clients informed is what we intend here. Our core responsibility starts from informing you about the rates, taxes and documents required prior to any further formalities. You may feel free to ask us any number of questions unless you have a clarity of thought.

Submit your KYC Document

As per the rules and regulations issued by RBI under the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999, your document submission becomes the key priority because we believe that you should not face any trouble due to lack of awareness of laws related to foreign exchange.Our experts are here to take care of everything on your behalf and make your forex for travel inexpensive and hassle free .The following documents are mandatory: Passport, Ticket, Visa( excluded if on arrival) and Pan Card .(In case of current account transactions, there are more formalities for KYC)

Complete Transfer into Our Bank Account

One step away from completing the exchange , all you need to do is transact the required amount by bank/ cash (cash upto 50,000/- only) that you wish to convert. Once the transfer is done, you may collect the currency from our office or receive the delivery within 24 hrs at your home at your convenience.

Receive Currency

Now,you can receive your converted currency in cash or the amount is uploaded on your int. travel card,for sending and receiving currency etc, please contact us on phone.

The Dos and Don’ts of Foreign Currency Exchange

Figuring out currency exchange doesn’t have to be rocket science. Follow these simple tips to make exchanging money for your next trip a breeze!

It’s vacation time!  Your plane tickets have been bought, bags are packed and the camera is fully charged.  There’s just one thing left to handle before you embark on your adventure…MONEY.  Figuring out how to get and spend money when it’s in Indian rupees is easy, but figuring out money issues in a foreign country can be a challenge even for experienced travellers.  Here are a few dos and don’ts to make exchanging foreign currency as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Why choose Sniffers?

Licensed by Reserve Bank of India

Get professional advice directly from the experts eliminating the gap between the client and ultimate service provider for foreign exchange.

A personal, friendly and cost effective service from a foreign exchange dealer who can explain the whole process and talk you through exchange rate movements.

Competitive transaction fee and foreign exchange rates

Clear communication of all charges upfront.

Complete visibility into transaction processing status.

Fast and reliable payment

Extremely cost effective

Free relationship management , with door-step service delivery

Helping Clients across the Globe